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More than offering a good service, we also look for alternative transport compatible with each type of company. After all, we serve customers seeking differentiated logistics solutions, with better cost-benefit, quality services, commitment to deadlines and maximum security. For this, a highly qualified team was set up to meet the needs of the market, specializing in the search for new commercial alternatives. The infrastructure, with high technology products, also joins this whole process, which guarantees total credibility in transportation, receiving and storage and in the distribution of loads. Thus, your investments are optimized and the excellence of MAXIMUNDI accompanies all the goods.

MAXIMUNDI is fully structured to be your partner in logistics solutions. For this he has created a solid base of knowledge, relationship and portfolio of services and products. Thus, we create favorable conditions for clients, optimizing operations and investments.


Years of experience allows us to guarantee a differentiated and reliable service.

Maximundi offers personalized customer service:

Total customer focus;

Agility in the solution of special needs;

Specialization and the best solutions for your business;

Proactivity in presenting results based on previous experiences;

With only one contact during the entire operation, we guarantee total efficiency of the services.

Our experience the maritime freight industry and the different links in the logistics chain allows us to:

Provide priorities in operations within the partner terminals;

Give guarantee of spaces in times of 'peak season';

Provide equipment guarantee in times of lack of CNTRS;

Offer protection in freight contracts;

The security in offering a partner incessant search of qualified suppliers.

As a partner of large players in the market and high knowledge of the shipowners' freight structure, it enables:

Competitive Freight;

Priority on board;

Lower financial impact due GRIs;

Assurance of allocation;

Operational agility;

Connection of the load to the correct owner.

As integrated logistics, Maximundi offers:

Benefit packages in terms of cost/benefit when planning the logistics in an integrated way;

We can be the only vendor to manage the entire chain, with pre-defined pattern;

Allow the customer to keep the photo in their 'core business' while Maximundi takes care of the logistics;

Elaborate performance KPIs with suppliers and customers;

Perform door-to-door processes in all modes.

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