MAXIMUNDI has implemented compliance management to ensure ethical conduct by its employees and business partners and to act fairly and with the utmost confidence for our customers.

Our Code of Conduct provides guidance and a framework for all MAXIMNDI employees and business partners, in all commercial transactions and contacts with customers.

For a detailed view, see our Code of conduct for employees and our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Denunciation Channel
At Maximundi, we are committed to protecting our integrity. Our aim is to act ethically in all business dealings. However, as in all businesses, situations may arise in which the conduct is not consistent with MAXIMUNDI's Code of Conduct. In these cases, we need to know in case of suspected violations of law or serious misconduct, and we encourage you to report it. We have created a whistleblowing hotline that can be easily accessed on our website under the CONTACT option providing a safe place for any individual to report concerns. Here, any individual can share information in complete confidence, within local laws.
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