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We have a strong partnership with the main shipowners and expertise of the freight structure and its variables.

Maximundi offers FCL services to and from all over the world, with regular lines, prioritizing the best market services, transits and costs involved, meeting the specific needs of each customer, observing and absorbing the best market trends.

Maximundi operates in Break Bulk, Charter, Consolidated Shipments (LCL), Full Container (FCL), including reefers and special containers (OT and FR) for oversized, Ro-Ro and projects, door-to-door operations and DDP and DDU modalities. Maximundi is based on the commitment and high level of quality in service delivery and the full support of a team focused on modal management.

Air Transport

Air transport is the modality for those looking for agility, speed, practicality, a more extensive service network, with a safe transportation service and a great cost / benefit ratio.

Maximundi always plans the most customized and efficient operations. It operates with hazardous cargo handling (DGR), high value-added (HVC), temperature controlled transportation, door-to-door (DDP, DDU) operations and projects.

It has an extensive network of agents specialized in air transportation in the main airports of the world that allows to meet all the needs of customers.

We collect and deliver goods and customs clearance at all airports, integrating the services and optimizing the processes, resulting in high satisfaction for the deadlines for the completion of shipment and reduction of costs.

Road Transport

Maximundi coordinates national and international road transport (Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia) of general cargo and design, as well as chemical products and dangerous goods such as explosives and products controlled by the Army (arms, ammunition, missiles and bombs) well established and recognized, carefully selected in terms of safety, reliability, prices and performance. Thus, Maximundi ensures that cargo movements meet import and export flows in perfect terms and conditions.


Maximundi has established important partnerships in the various Brazilian terminals, generating consistency and bringing benefits to its businesses:

· Storage of import cargoes, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, under a customs regime, including for dangerous chemicals and goods controlled by the Army, aiming at agility of operation and cost reduction;
· Partnership with REDEX and Dry Ports in all regions of the Country;
· Priority in spawning and presence of cargo;
· Terminals specializing in refrigerated loads and excess loads;
· Palletizing, labeling and packaging of goods, including dangerous goods;
· Stofing and Spawning of containers;
· Storage areas for extra dimensioned loads and heavy loads;
· Plugs and monitor for 'reefer' containers.

Cargo Insurance

Maximundi always recommends taking out insurance on all transports. For maximum security and comfort of our clients, Maximundi offers international insurance by contracting the insurance policy on its behalf. We work with the largest and most renowned insurance companies in the world.

Logistics Management and Integration

Maximundi works to make it easy for customers to operate and to contribute to the positive outcome of their business. Acting as a logistic integrator par excellence, we can control and operationalize your shipments in various ways, either in our service agreements or in our clients' contracts.

We unify all the services and we elaborate performance KPIs with the suppliers that best meet the needs of the clients.

Maximundi presents plans of action on the points to be improved, thus contributing to the agility of processes and especially in reducing costs.

With MAXIMUNDI you can:

· Provide beneficial packages in terms of cost / benefit when planning logistics in an integrated way
· Be the sole vendor to manage the entire chain, with predefined pattern;
· Helping the customer to stay focused on their core business while Maximundi takes care of logistics; · Perform door-to-door processes in all modes.

Chemicals, Military Equipment, Defense and Security

Maximundi is a specialist in the transport of dangerous goods, war material, and defense and security equipment; work that requires responsibility, knowledge and competence. These products require specific care from packaging, documentation, handling to modal choice and appropriate paths that should always be carefully analyzed.

Maximundi performs all logistic analysis carefully for its company, knows the priorities to guarantee safety and efficiency throughout the logistics process. Respect your company, the laws, the environment and life. This is how Maximundi performs the transport of dangerous goods with excellence.


Cabotage is the navigation between ports of the same country using the waterways or inland waterways.

Brazil is a favored country for navigation due to its natural conditions of navigable coast. There are about 8,000 kilometers of coastline, over 40,000 kilometers of potentially navigable waterways. There are 34 ports, of which 08 ports are in the South, 05 in the North, 10 in the Southeast and 11 in the Northeast.

More sustainable, with greater safety, less risk of malfunctions and reduced cost. These are some of the factors that make cabotage one of the most advantageous options for companies and producers who want to distribute their cargo through Brazil.

Especially for longer journeys, cabotage is the ideal solution. The reduction of costs on long distance routes can reach 30% compared to the modal route.

From a project developed together with the customer, we offer integrated solutions Port x Port or Port x Port with the best operating cycle and cost x benefit ratio per ton shipped.

Baggage - International Moving - To or from Brazil

International removal service, we are prepared to assist you from the beginning to the end of the process. We have qualified professionals and partners who will assist you throughout the process.

International Air and Sea Transport;

Change packaging and collection;

Documentation Preparation;

Customs Clearance at Origin;

Customs Clearance at Destination;

Package Delivery.

Air and Ocean Charter Services

Project cargo often requires chartering an aircraft or an ocean vessel when scheduled liner service cannot meet the requirements of the project. Our charter team works closely with the client to assess the cargo dimensions, weight, special handling requirements, schedule, origin and destination accessibility, and budget considerations, in order to locate the appropriate aircraft or ocean vessel and negotiate the most competitive charter contracts.
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